Old School?

What does it mean when someone says you are old school?  Would you take it to be a compliment?

I would think it should be a compliment.  After all, that means you’ve been around long enough to know something and perhaps know a bit about the craft. 

Does it really matter what tools you use? Does the image work as intended?

I’ve been using digital photography since 1992 and still use it when appropriate.  The image below was made with a cell phone. The image made with the 5x7 film camera is superb. The cell phone is a wonderful tool and does superb work, especially when you compare it to Eastman Kodak’s cameras after the 1960’s when formats started to shrink and quality became totally unacceptable for the serious photographer.  Fortunately they made excellent film, paper and chemistry for the advanced amateur and still do with the exception of B&W paper.  Any Thoughts?  Please respond on the contact page.

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