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Starting May 3, the photo lab will be not be taking orders.  I will be working on my personal projects. Business should resume in June. 

Custom Services

Please call for an appointment - To do so, go to the Contact page  and send an email.  
I will respond with a phone number.

Custom inkjet printing services

We offer a selection of the best photo papers for fidelity and longevity. Contact us for more information.

The service includes consultation in front of the computer and small test prints on the paper of choice. Once test prints are approved, we print the final print.  Each job includes a disc or thumb drive with the print files.  We archive all jobs so that files can be printed at a later date  at a discount.  We guarantee the final product.

Custom Film Processing

  • Still shooting film? We process Black and White roll and sheet films. We no longer process color films. I process with or without contact sheets. I do custom processing to your specifications for Black and White negative film. I can process your film at a personalized developing time to control contrast.  It's called Push or pull processing available at no extra charge.
  • Contact sheets are made in a Black and White darkroom. Contact sheets are available and are printed on either 8.5x11 or 9.5x12 glossy paper. See scanning below if interested in having film professionally scanned for custom printing.
  • Film sizes are: 16mm (not motion picture film), 110, 126, 127, 35mm, 120, 220, 620, 4x5 and 5x7 sheet.
  • My main film developer is currently Ilford Ilfotech - DD-X.   Sources for quality chemistry have been changing.  Fortunately there are lots of choices.  Unfortunately some have been sold to firms that made changes in formulae without notifying customers.  The results can be devastating.  Fortunately, I test each new batch of chemistry before doing customer processing.
  • When using a B&W film for the first time, I recommend cutting the ISO in half to begin with.  Then with experience gradually adjusted to your personal speed.  Generally a bit of overexposure is beneficial for negative films.  
  • Most films are processed using a Jobo rotary processor with one shot developer assuring a fresh, even process run each time. I can hand process 116, 127, 616 or other older roll films within limits.

Photo Restoration - My Favorite thing to do is to help preserve history.  Most of what I do involves family photos, but am open to any work in this regard.

  • I have been restoring old photos since 1995 for clients. Every effort is made to bring images back to life as they were when first produced. Color tones may not match original photos. Some minimal corrections are done at no charge. Some amazing software developments have provided astounding improvements in the process. I am often amazed at what is possible, but am careful not to over use these tools as they can cause an image to look too manipulated.
  • All restorations require a scan or copy depending on size.  Originals are not changed.  Jobs include a small test print for evaluation. After the final print is made duplicates made at the time of the order or in the future are 30% off.  A disc of the digital file is included with the job. 
  • All jobs are by quote after viewing your originals.

SCANNING - photographic prints or film. I use Epson and Nikon professional scanners for all scans. Fluid mounting techniques for film are normally used.  Different services are offered depending on the degree of work done.  See the price list above.  Film up to 5x7 can be scanned.  Scans of prints or documents are limited to 8.5 x 11.  

A disc or thumb drive is included in all copies and scans.

Darkroom Classes

Platinum Palladium Classes

I teach the skill of platinum/palladium printing.  We prefer to have 2 students for this class The class is for one full day and includes the creation of digital negatives.  You will be involved in the creation of the negatives. Any source of images from cell phone to film can work for this class. Each student usually leaves with at least 3 or 4 good prints.  

Traditional Darkroom Classes

I offer darkroom classes on B&W film processing and silver gelatin printing in a traditional darkroom.  I taylor the class to your current skill level.  Perhaps you are getting back into the hobby and  need to brush up on your skills. I prefer to teach one student at a time, but can work with two who are starting at the same skill level.

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