I have a small, well lit photo gallery in the office space with the photo lab.  Shows change every other month.  I like to show both new and experienced photographers.  Some photographers have had their first show here and have moved on to show in other spaces.


I am open Tuesday through Friday from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. With a staff of only one, it is possible that the gallery may be closed. If this a concern,  contact me with a phone number to make an appointment to view a show.

Ken Robinson is a former professor of biology from Purdue University who moved to Eugene upon retirement. In his research as a cell and developmental biologist, a major tool was photography, generally through the lens of microscope, so that the responses of cells to various perturbations could be recorded and analyzed.

It was natural, then, that in retirement he extended his experience in photography to the macroscopic world. He quickly formed a love for eastern Oregon and its high desert country. Much of his work consists of landscapes from there, as well as from southern Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.

In addition to landscapes, he also photographs wildlife, including birds, bees, spiders, turtles and dragonflies. He tries to show these creatures in interesting scenes in their natural context.

He also has an interest in astronomy and uses ordinary camera lenses to photograph the night sky. Included in these are photographs of eclipses, both lunar and solar, the Milky Way, meteors and the transits of Venus and Mercury across the sun.

Opening reception for the Platinum/Palladium Student Clothesline Show of 2019

These are photos by students from several years of classes.

Showing works by students: Susan Starr, Ron Dobrowski, Guy Weese, Sandi O'Brien, Susie Morrill, Pam Farmer, Sarah Grew, Don Prey, Rachel Villanueva, Jack Meade, Gene Tonry plus work by other printers Rich Bergeman, Harry Houchins, and my teacher Doris Potter.

Photos of the recent show by Walt and Sandi

Nov - Jan 9, 2019



Bryan Andresen's Show March - May 2019

John Coggins' Show in January 2019

John passed away in December of 2019.

Photo by Herman Krieger

Previous Shows

Michael T. Williams, May 2013

Herman Krieger, April 2013

Don Lown - August 2014

Greg Giesy - May 2014

Jerry Jump - July 2014

Teresa Meir November 2014

Tom Barkin - June 2014 (top right)

Dennis Galloway explains grain elevators

Grain Elevators

Patrick Plaia (r) explains the sepia process


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