This “Moment to Moment” show is about how life changes generation to generation, life to life, year to year, second to second, thought to thought. And how each of those moments affect our senses, our perceptions, our feelings, our relationships and our beliefs. All are in constant motion, colliding like the drops of water running in a river.

In constant motion like a volcano that erupts in minutes but erodes over millennia. Like a flower that blooms for a few days even in barren places, fades in weeks and returns next year. Like a building that supports a family and community for a few generations and rusts. 

“Join me as we celebrate our part in the constant spectacle of life, and find beauty and gratitude as we and the world change, “Moment to Moment.”

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 This show is up through August 31 .

My price list can be viewed here.

I can email a copy here.

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Walt O'Brien's show of old and recent work was up during the month of August 2022.

Ed's B & W work was also showing at Dotson's for the month of June.

The Willfulness of Being

(Life Aware of Itself)

"I don't talk to my house plants or play for them a Fiscella piano composition.  That would presume an aging Philodendron can be reflective as an old man 
facing his end.

But as I wander through the quiet muse of a redwood grove or observe the blanket of canopy embracing an old bridge, I find myself sharing with them an awareness: That we are each of us a life possessed, one brief moment trailing in the sweep of infinite time and space.

These photographs, a work in progress, are about more than seeing a tree or a leaf. They are about seeing ourselves, in connection with the world around us.  They are portraits; profiles of community, of family, of souls wrapped in the fleeting grace of being.

And I believe they are aware of that single moment they inhabit, as we, too, should be.  And that in each of these images there exists 
a willfulness of being - a life aware of itself.

Look for it. You'll see."

MZ Taylor

Michael does not see art is an end-product, but a by-product, of an artist’s journey.   More than fifty years ago he built his first darkroom using cardboard, tape, and a navy surplus enlarger.  From that day on the magical journey of photography --- its process and creative potential --- became a passion.  For thirty of those years, traveling the western states by motorcycle, he became immersed in its visual frontier; literally feeling and breathing the world in which we live.  His landscapes of those years revealed a kind of personality, born of an interplay between the idea of  “place” and the “things” that are found there. Today, his journey has become more introspective, seeking to capture life in its purest form:  uniquely individual and self-aware.  

This is Michael’s first exhibit at the O’Brien Photo Gallery in Eugene.  He has also shown works at the PhotoZone, Dr Don Dexter's photo gallery and the NewZone Gallery Downtown, and has been interviewed on KLCC’s  “Viz City” program.  He is the Coordinator and Facilitator at the PhotoZone Gallery, active board member at Photography at Oregon, and a participant in the Eugene Grid Project from 2018 to 2020. Working exclusively in black and white until the introduction of digital, he has been making photographs off and on since the 1960’s. He has recently re-discovered film with special interest in infrared film.

50% of Sandi's sales go to aid Ukraine.

Just doing a little advertising for the PhotoZone Gallery's upcoming Juried show after a 2 year hiatus.

Contact PhotoZone Gallery with questions here.

Have you ever seen a Cooper’s Hawk having lunch, a Green Heron catch a frog, an Otter sitting on a log eating a fish, an immature Bald Eagle sunning itself on an old snag, a Great Blue Heron nest building, or a Marsh Wren that seldom appears from the thicket singing to you in the wetlands.  These are the sights Greg sees and photographs on his walks and he will share all these wonderful things with you in his new exhibit. 

Most people assume that a photographer waits for something to happen with all the patience in the world and there are nature photographers that do, but Greg wanders always looking for the tree, the insect, the mushroom, the bird, the flower that he thinks will take a great photograph. 

Greg, an award-winning nature and wildlife photographer, may argue over the word, accidental, if you are out looking for photo options is it an accident that you find good photo opportunities?  He would probably say it was the gift to find surprises that can turn into amazing pictures.

The best example this year of an amazing surprise was being on the pedestrian & bike bridge over the Willamette River at Valley River and seeing the diving waterfowl, Common Mergansers, swimming towards the bridge.   Female and immature Common Mergansers have a burnt orange head with feathers flaring out behind and a long thin orange beak.  An interesting bird to look at but these diving birds arch their back and are gone under the water.  This time though Greg was in the right place on a sunny day with clear water so that he could see and photograph down through the water as the Mergansers swam acrobatically under the water to catch fish.


 A record for square inches of wall covered in this gallery

Check out his Common Merganser Series on the PhotoZone Site:

Bill Haynes, Wet and Dry

Water Abstracts and Bodie CA.

The show will run from October 15 through November 30
There will be an all day reception on Saturday, October 16 from 11-6
Limited to 4 people at a time with masks.

The O’Brien Photo Gallery
2833 Willamette, Ste. B
Eugene, OR 97405
Open 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm.  Call to be sure we’re open

California’s official state ghost-town is Bodie, a former gold mining town between Yosemite National Park and the Nevada border.  Founded during the California gold rush and inhabited until 1942 it is preserved just as it was when it was abandoned.  At the inhospitable altitude of over 8,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Bodie had a population of over 10,000 at its peak in about 1880.  Eugene photographer Bill Haynes has captured the essence of this haunting remnant of Western history.  The collection artistically displays the remaining buildings and their contents just as they existed when the last residents left.  

In addition to “Bodie”, Haynes will show another smaller series entitled “Water” consisting of abstract images of water.  Colorful and provocative these images challenge the imagination in a pleasant and soothing way.  

Bodie and Water Abstracts

Water Abstracts


Ben Birkey, Danger Adams, Sandy Brown Jensen, Adrienne Turner, Jon Sims, Lisa Ertmer, Brian Maneely, Chris Moody, Bee Beins, Karen Landey, Elija McFarlane, Brenna Hansen, Koa A Tom, Bailey Hoover, Kiliisa Alama Conlon,  Seth Warhol-Streeter, and Jen Blue

Info on Ann Gardner's show is below.  The online version will remain on this site since the show opened the day after the State of Oregon was shut down for covid.  We left the physical show up for 3 months and a few people got to view it.

Mori Hana Studio
Ann Sugiyama-Gardner, Artist

          Portland artist and photographer, Ann Sugiyama-Gardner of Mori Hana Studio, will be presenting 2 series of current works, “Family of Origin” and “Imperfect Beauty”.  The show will graciously be presented at the O’Brien Gallery, 2833 Willamette Street, Suite B, Eugene, Oregon.

          In her series “Family of Origin” Ann reflects on her experiences as a third generation Japanese-American and what happened to Japanese immigrants during the 1940’s.  Through that lens, she calls attention to the Latino and Muslim immigrants’ struggles today.
Many immigrants start with nothing but honest, hard work, to gain a foothold on the ladder of success in America.  For her family, December 7, 1941 was the extinction of that day-to-day struggle. Mass incarceration soon followed without due process of the laws of the United States.  “What damage was caused to individuals and what are the lasting effects on the family by imprisonment?  On me and my family.”
          This question lead to a road trip to Poston, Arizona and Manzanar, California, two of the ten “camps” hastily built to incarcerate over 125,000 Japanese/Americans from 1942-1946.  The artist’s mother’s family was sent to Poston, Arizona for incarceration.  Her grandfather died in prison for, at this time, unknown reasons.
          On the flip-side, Ann will present a second series of prints that celebrate color, texture, and light inspired by the practice of Buddhist Mindfulness and the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi.  
She was moved to the practice of Contemplative Photography first by studying Edward Weston’s work then reading Michael Wood’s book specifically about the subject.  “Imperfect Beauty” is the ongoing photography project that responds to the act of being present.  “Intuitively working this way, my mind is open to whatever images present themselves and quiet my critique brain.”


“Family of Origin” and “Imperfect Beauty” runs from March 17 through May 7, 2020.

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From the "Family of Origin"  Series

“Poston to Manzanar” 2019
on Moab Entrada Rag Natural

“Red Kimono” 2020
on Moab Entrada Rag Natural

“Footsteps” 2020
on Moab Entrada Rag Natural

“Crane and Shadow” 2020
on Moab Entrada Rag Natural

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From the "Imperfect Beauty" Series

“Hawthorne Bike” 2017
on Moab Entrada Rag Natural

“NW 23rd Door” 2017
on Moab Entrada Rag Natural

“Recruit, Astoria” 2016
on Canon Premium Matte

“Betty A, Astoria” 2016
on Canon Premium Matte

“Adrift” 2017
on Moab Entrada Rag Natural

“Astoria Coffee” 2016
on Moab Entrada Rag Natural

Opening reception for the Platinum/Palladium Student Clothesline Show of 2019

These are photos by students from several years of classes.

Showing works by students: Susan Starr, Ron Dobrowski, Guy Weese, Sandi O'Brien, Susie Morrill, Pam Farmer, Sarah Grew, Don Prey, Rachel Villanueva, Jack Meade, Gene Tonry plus work by other printers Rich Bergeman, Harry Houchins, and my teacher Doris Potter.

Photos of the recent show by Walt and Sandi

November 2019 - January 2020



Bryan Andresen's Show March - May 2019

John Coggins' Show in January 2019

John passed away in December of 2019.

Photo by Herman Krieger

Previous Shows

Michael T. Williams, May 2013

Herman Krieger, April 2013

Don Lown - August 2014

Greg Giesy - May 2014

Jerry Jump - July 2014

Teresa Meir November 2014

Tom Barkin - June 2014 (top right)

Dennis Galloway explains grain elevators

Grain Elevators

Patrick Plaia (r) explains the sepia process


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