I have a small, well lit photo gallery in the office space with the photo lab.  Shows change every other month.  I like to show both new and experienced photographers.  Some photographers have had their first show here and have moved on to show in other spaces.


I am open Tuesday through Friday from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. With a staff of only one, it is possible that the gallery may be closed. If this a concern,  contact me with a phone number to make an appointment to view a show.

Now Showing

We will be taking a break after this show.  There will be an informal exhibit of work by my Wife and I on the wall starting after November 7th.

Bryan Andresen's Show March - May 2019

John Coggins' Show in January 2019

John Coggins (r)

Previous Shows

Michael T. Williams, May 2013

Herman Krieger, April 2013

Don Lown - August 2014

Greg Giesy - May 2014

Jerry Jump - July 2014

Teresa Meir November 2014

Tom Barkin - June 2014 (top right)

Dennis Galloway explains grain elevators

Grain Elevators

Patrick Plaia (r) explains the sepia process


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