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About this show

These images were shot in August 2022. The wheat harvest was for the most part finished. What remained were empty fields and the tracks of the harvesting machinery. The area is rolling hills with the harvest machine tracks as level as possible. These tracks leave a wonderful pattern of curves. 

I shot planning for black and white images, and toned them in processing. I visualize my photographs with an eye for graphic composition, impact, and interest. My intent is to let the viewer smile, think, and appreciate a vision of the world that may be unique to them.

This series of images is a collection of toned Black & White landscape photographs. I shoot “real world” images and process them to manage perspective, color, tone, composition, and the final feel of the print. 

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February 24 from 1-5

About this show

"When I first started as a serious photographer more than fifty years ago it was black and white darkroom photography and the Zone system of black blacks and white whites with steps of grays in-between.

Through many twists and turns over the years I have done many different types of photography.  Today, I find myself mostly a digital color nature and wildlife photographer with an occasional black and white photo in a show. 

Though this is a digital photography exhibit it takes me back to my beginnings with an all-black and white show.  It also includes much more wide-angle landscapes and macro work than my usual large telephoto work with 400mm to 1000mm lenses of the past ten years. 

I have been urged by old friends to get back to my roots in black and white. Let us see if I succeeded."  Greg Giesy

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About the Exhibit

These images were shot on film with large format pinhole cameras (either 4x5 or 8x10), then scanned and printed archivally on an inkjet printer. To retain the “feel” of the analog source, only traditional darkroom adjustments have been made to the digital image, such as spotting, cropping and toning. 

Gene Tonry is a long-time member of the PhotoZone Gallery group in Eugene. His interest in photography goes back to the late 1970s when he took classes with master printer George Tice and fashion photographer Victor Steinhart in New York City. Having made the switch from film to digital in the early 2000’s, he now finds it both interesting and ironic to be shooting with film again:

“I have long admired the elemental, dreamy quality of fine pinhole prints, and truth be told, I think there’s something about the anticipation, guesswork, and surprise that’s part of shooting with film that I missed after switching to digital.”

                                                                                            Gene Tonry

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This “Moment to Moment” show is about how life changes generation to generation, life to life, year to year, second to second, thought to thought. And how each of those moments affect our senses, our perceptions, our feelings, our relationships and our beliefs. All are in constant motion, colliding like the drops of water running in a river.

In constant motion like a volcano that erupts in minutes but erodes over millennia. Like a flower that blooms for a few days even in barren places, fades in weeks and returns next year. Like a building that supports a family and community for a few generations and rusts. 

“Join me as we celebrate our part in the constant spectacle of life, and find beauty and gratitude as we and the world change, “Moment to Moment.”

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Walt O'Brien's show of old and recent work was up during the month of August 2022.

Ed's B & W work was also showing at Dotson's for the month of June.

The Willfulness of Being

(Life Aware of Itself)

"I don't talk to my house plants or play for them a Fiscella piano composition.  That would presume an aging Philodendron can be reflective as an old man 
facing his end.

But as I wander through the quiet muse of a redwood grove or observe the blanket of canopy embracing an old bridge, I find myself sharing with them an awareness: That we are each of us a life possessed, one brief moment trailing in the sweep of infinite time and space.

These photographs, a work in progress, are about more than seeing a tree or a leaf. They are about seeing ourselves, in connection with the world around us.  They are portraits; profiles of community, of family, of souls wrapped in the fleeting grace of being.

And I believe they are aware of that single moment they inhabit, as we, too, should be.  And that in each of these images there exists 
a willfulness of being - a life aware of itself.

Look for it. You'll see."

MZ Taylor

Michael does not see art is an end-product, but a by-product, of an artist’s journey.   More than fifty years ago he built his first darkroom using cardboard, tape, and a navy surplus enlarger.  From that day on the magical journey of photography --- its process and creative potential --- became a passion.  For thirty of those years, traveling the western states by motorcycle, he became immersed in its visual frontier; literally feeling and breathing the world in which we live.  His landscapes of those years revealed a kind of personality, born of an interplay between the idea of  “place” and the “things” that are found there. Today, his journey has become more introspective, seeking to capture life in its purest form:  uniquely individual and self-aware.  

This is Michael’s first exhibit at the O’Brien Photo Gallery in Eugene.  He has also shown works at the PhotoZone, Dr Don Dexter's photo gallery and the NewZone Gallery Downtown, and has been interviewed on KLCC’s  “Viz City” program.  He is the Coordinator and Facilitator at the PhotoZone Gallery, active board member at Photography at Oregon, and a participant in the Eugene Grid Project from 2018 to 2020. Working exclusively in black and white until the introduction of digital, he has been making photographs off and on since the 1960’s. He has recently re-discovered film with special interest in infrared film.

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