Last of the Color Negs

For years, I have processed color film.  I have finally dropped that process in favor of digital photography for color.  Shooting and processing black and white film is still my favorite activity.  When possible, I still make silver gelatin prints from film.

The images above are from the last processed medium format film.  My favorite color negative film is Kodak Portra 400NC.  Since I no longer do darkroom prints from color film, I have scanned these negatives as I have done for many years to make archival inkjet prints.

Photos from Santa Fe Opening

The Handmade Photograph Exhibition:  Contemporary Photographers working in Historic Processes. On display until July 27th at el Museo Cultural in Santa Fe.

This is a juried show of alternative process images.  It was Bostick and Sullivan’s first juried show.  There were over 1200 submissions.  About 80 were chosen. We weren’t able to attend, but photos of the opening were provided by Bostick and Sullivan.

Trip to Sequoia and Yosemite

Here’s some recent photos from our trip to southern California.  Color images were all made with a digital SLR and were edited in PhotoShop.

 The black and white photos were made with a converted digital SLR.  The camera is now infrared sensitive.  The tint was added digitally to simulate either sepia or platinum/palladium warm tone prints.  The color images are all from a digital camera.

Using Format