The Architecture Project

This project has been on the back burner for literally 50 years. During four summers, I worked in Yellowstone Park. The first was in 1964 at West Thumb, but the summers of 69, 70, and 71 mark the beginning of an infatuation I developed for old classic Hotels, like the Old Faithful Inn etc. Once completed, I will include historical facts about the structures.  This project could take another 50 years as a lot of travel is required.

Above is the hotel at Mammoth Hot Springs where I worked as a bellhop and began researching the history of the area. The first major hotel in the park was built here in 1883. Below is a poor quality photo of it.

So I began a process of photographing hotels around he country. I’ve been through many old negatives so that I can start to accumulate a series that I intend to add to by traveling and revisiting these sites. I plan to add structures that I find interesting. 

I made some large format negatives of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado. 

Here’s one image of that structure I made in 1984. Stephen King came up with the idea for his book “The Shinning” while staying here back in the 70’s. A model of it was used in the TV series version.

 A model of the Timberline Lodge in Oregon was used for the original version.

Here are some photos of the Redstone Inn at Redstone Colorado. These photos were made in 2013. This was a dormitory for coal miners in the area and later was turned into an Inn.

The Clock Tower

I recall climbing up into the tower when I was a child.  There was a small square bedroom beneath it.


Dining Room

A somewhat creepy hallway

Red rock mountains of the Crystal River Valley

Here’s a hotel that no longer exists outside Buena Vista Colorado. We shot movies of the place around 1952 or so. I plan to scan a frame to include along with other hotels that no longer exist. I believe it was torn down a year or two after we were there. It had been vacant since the turn of the 20th century.  This was the Princess Hotel and Hot Springs. There is a modern hotel there now.

Another similar Hotel in Colorado called the  Ramona Cascade in Santa Fe County, Colorado.  Photo attributed  to William Henry Jackson based on the photonegative's inclusion in the History Colorado William Henry Jackson Collection.  Dated 1899 - 1900.

This jewel in Astoria has quite a history.  More to come.

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