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There are six categories to view:

1) Black and White - Black and white was my first love in photography.  Some of these images will be in the Sienna Woods section as well.

2Color - Some color was shot on transparency material and some was on color negative.  Others were digital files.  Many of the images from transparencies were printed on Cibachrome, a process no longer available.

3) Sienna Woods - This was my first major project to end up as a book.  Some of these images appear in the Black and White category as well.  All images can be printed in B&W or Sepia.  All color images can be converted to B&W and printed in neutral B&W or sepia.

4Two Cultures, Side by Side -  I grew up in the Northwest Texas Panhandle where many of the middle and upper classes employed good folks from the other side of the tracks.  As a budding photographer armed with a decent medium format camera, I photographed the people around me. I always felt that both classes were equal, but in the back of my mind knew something wasn't quite right. As I reviewed these photos to create a book of early photography, I began to see that perhaps I wasn't as welcome in both worlds as this 13 year old boy thought he was. Looking at these friends now, I see that they had dignity and I respect them all the more now.

5) Photography in the 60's -   Photos made earlier in the 60's during college years, plus others done in Santa Barbara California while attending photography school.  Also you will find bits of a three month trip to Europe in 1969.

6Early Digital Experiments - Back in 1992 when I first started with Photoshop, I went a bit wild and especially liked a filter called find edges. My first show with such images was around 1995 at The PhotoZone Gallery on Broadway. It was all black and white printed on a laser printer. The second show had been colorized. Some were printed on color laser, others were converted to 35mm color negative film and printed on a photofinishing machine.  I have included a number of chromoskedasic prints which is a darkroom printing process that creates unpredictable color effects on B&W photo paper. Note: Quality inkjet prints were not available at this time.

Coming soon - samples of platinum/palladium prints

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